One commitment

Financial Friday-

I talk about it all the time, but what is it really? Financial Friday is a set (limited!) time each week for you to get in touch with your money.  It is one of the first positive habits I help my Foundations of Sustainable Profits clients establish AND it takes the *umph* away from a whole lot of your financial worries.

Financial Friday is a commitment you make to spend 20-40 minutes getting present to what is true, right now, in your finances. If you are creative entrepreneur- it’s your time to ask “Who do need to invoice?” “What invoices have I sent and not heard back on?” “Can I afford to pay that bill this week?”.  (It’s about cash flow planning- but I won’t use that term because I can hear your shoulders tensing up, all the way from here). The answers to these simple questions will lead you to action. Bill that client. Send the gentle invoice reminder. Pay your cell phone bill on time!

Do you see how these actions will make your life easier? your first of the month payroll more smooth?

Your guilt for going out to eat so often may even disappear and you know that meals eaten without guilt just taste better (you never know, that was the experience of one of my photographer clients).

If you know how much money you have, what bills are due, what your long-term priorities are, then you can naturally and easily make good choices with the resources that you do have, right now.

If you don’t know where to start, or just don’t want to do it by yourself, I would be honored to support you. Schedule yourself a 40 Minute Focus or jump in on our first of the month #FinFriday chat on Twitter.  I’ve moved the monthly chat to 12-1pm Central, so a broader range of people can participate.

Make this one commitment to yourself, have a sacred meeting with your checkbook and financial life. Put it on the calendar as an important, not to be missed, crucial business meeting. Commit to your own Financial Friday time, and you will soon be amazed at how productive 20 minutes with your money can be.

Use the comments section to make your commitment pubic and share your experiences with your fellow readers. We can all learn from each other.


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