Shifting perspective

I’ve been doing that lately. Getting hung up on writing this just so.  Worrying about how it sounds. Wondering if I am doing it right. 


Worry doesn’t work. For anything. Ever*

“Just the reframe from “Ugh – boring and painful!” to “Nurturing and self-caring” is powerful.”

That’s what one of the participants in SquareOne: Collective Courage wrote after our first call. She was referring to her finances, but I can use the same shifting my frame of reference technique that I shared on Thursday for my blogging. Of course my from state is more “difficult and vulerable” but you get my meaning.

Thank goodness for SquareOne, Foundations of Sustainable Profits, and other clients! I can get discouraged with the mechanics of running a business online sometimes, AND shepherding sweet visionaries, creatives, and healers through their growth in perspective and skills is a pure JOY. Those A-HA moments fill my “motivation bank” account.

The new program has been hopping.  In addition to the “”Just the reframe from “Ugh – boring and painful!” to “Nurturing and self-caring” is powerful.”" participants have said ”I absolutely loved the instruction “Commit to be peaceful.” and “Thanks for everything, Christyna! I really enjoy this series so far!”

I’m leaving the doors open for SquareOne: Collective Courage until April 11th.  You are cordially invited to join us and take your next steps towards ease and peace in your financial life.

If you are reading this on the 12th or later, you have 2 options: 1) SquareOne: You & Me or 2) Join the mailing list to find out when SquareOne: Collective Courage will be offered again. **

In the meantime, I’ll be practicing “practice makes better” and blogging with more regularity again.
Talk with you soon!

*said a wise old owl whom I adore (size M, please). ;-)
**probably this summer, but you won’t know for sure, unless you get The Buzz.
***Thanks Dad for that little saying! It’s a worry crusher.

2 Responses to Shifting perspective
  1. jolinda kohl
    April 19, 2012 | 9:55 pm

    Hi, it sounds like you have a great program. I shared it on my page. :-)

    • Christyna
      April 26, 2012 | 2:55 pm

      Thank you, Jolinda!
      I really like your Facebook Page. It is full of inspiration.