Choosing Peace

Hello Lovelies,

Bridget Pilloud of IntuitiveBridge is in the midst of a series about prosperity. It’s full of talented and wise guest contributors (and also me later on this month), all pointing to important and often overlooked aspects of creating peace AND prosperity in our lives.

This series has been lifting me up lately, while I deal with some details that I *wish* were different in my life. Nothing is wrong. My Mister and I are moving, and the places available don’t match my expectations. I was looking for a two bedroom bungalow, near my friends and clients, with a kitchen window that is just so, and that house is not available in Houston without spending more than really makes sense for us right now.  I’ve been upset, but pretending I wasn’t upset, because really the place we found takes care of our needs and is perfectly lovely. Reading back through the PoP posts, I was reminded of how well my life suits me. I get to make a living helping amazing people unlock their joy and their money mojo, something I am uniquely suited for. I get to take long lunches with friends, and ride my bicycle to the store or to a meeting. I get to choose what I invest my time and money into, and for this next year, I am choosing more travel and adding to the healthy foundation of our family. I choose this life, and this condo, and once I said that out loud, I was free!

It’s only when we accept our life exactly how it is (and exactly how it isn’t) that we find the path forward.




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