Celebrate July with Community and Everyone’s Favorite: Discounts!

For the entire month of July, I’m supporting Houston’s newest collaborative work community: CoInside. For every person who signs up for Foundations of Sustainable Profits, I’m donating $50 to CoInside. And to sweeten the deal, I’m offering a $100 discount for the course. This way, my clients can build a solid basis for their financial future, and CoInside can support likeminded entrepreneurs who need a space to work and develop new ideas with others.

CoInside, located at 1919 Houston Avenue, believes that “independents do it differently.” CoInside’s fresh, creative workspace brings independent workers together to accomplish their goals. With four membership tiers, everyone can find a level of community that works for them and get a dedicated desk outside of their home where they can work independently. You can stop by for a $15 drop-in fee, or get a $30 introductory pass good for three co-working days.

Get your $100 discount on Foundations of Sustainable Profits today, and support yourself and this fantastic organization.

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