Choose the option that fits you best:

  •  You and Me : In four one-on-one private coaching sessions, we will take a snapshot of where you are now, create a vision of where you want to be, and develop a plan to get you there. The plans we create will support your unique financial situation and emotional journey. Plus, you’ll be able to text or call me between sessions for personalized support and celebration. $550

You and Me: Square One


  • Collective Courage : These five small-group coaching sessions, beginning July 11th, provide the same guidance, knowledge, and A-HA moments as You and Me in an intimate group setting and at a lower price. I offer one in-person group (meeting times determined by the needs of the group) and two phone groups (choose either Wed mornings or Thursday evenings). This option does not include personalized text and phone support. $197

Collective Courage

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