About Christyna

Here's looking at you, powerful being!

Welcome! I'm glad you are here.

 Hi! I’m Christyna.

I am an intuitive and compassionate Financial Coach.

My strong suits are creating belonging, setting up simple systems, and connecting the dots. Seriously, I’m a POSSIBILITY GENERATING MACHINE (except for the robotic logic-only, no emotions, runs continually 24 hours part of being a machine, of course). For you, this means I help you get all your priorities out on the table, and give you the step by step structure to be confident in the choices that you make.

I love bicycles, long lunches, obscure exercise programs*, and most importantly- those ‘a-ha’ moments when idealists and healers suddenly understand that they are rich not in spite of the bills or because of their bank account, but within their financial circumstances, whatever the numbers say. I make people comfortable with their finances.

I’ve spent 10 years facilitating the economic sustainability of *big dream* businesses.

Organic vegetable cooperative inside Houston TX, the petroleum capital of the US- YES
Chemical engineer turned energy healer- YES
Gender-bending massage therapist- of course, YES

You bring the passion and the quirky vision. I’ll bring the financial knowledge and powerful metaphors. Together we’ll nurture your business (your life) to a full expression of your values, your success, your unique contribution to our world.

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