Client Reviews

“ Christyna Lewis is simply the MOST HELPFUL, ENCOURAGING SUPPORTIVE financial person I have ever spoken to! She is friendly while still pushing you to focus on your goals and achieve your dreams by supporting each one financially! Especially for me- a “creative type” who is scared of numbers and math… ugh! Christyna’s positive affirmation and belief in all I envisioned help me create an amazing artistic event that will only get better and better each year because of the foundation she has given me to work from. THANK YOU BEE VENTURES!!!”
-Tifani Pust
Green Arts Festival Houston

“ I am proud and stubborn…and I needed help making sense of my good fortune. Christyna has helped me come to terms with the success that my business is/has been experiencing. With her guidance and support, I have embraced both the concept of a spreadsheet and a sense of financial structure. With her fantastic laugh and good nature, I was able to remove fear and make changes that open the door to further success. Having a financial system in place is going to allow me the freedom to return my energy where I feel it is best spent- massaging the fire out of everyone.”
We Heart Massage

“I’ve seen Christyna work on many different levels… from consulting to management to building positive relationships. It would be hard for me to “box” Christyna’s skills in because she is able to be both focused and creative. Christyna receives my highest recommendation.”
Jay Roussel,
All We Need Farm

“ Christyna Lewis, thank you for being amazing! You’ve truly helped me grow my business immensely in our 1st 4 months of working together – I’m already at 40% of what I made in all of 2010! Wahoo! You are my personal rockstar. I can’t thank you enough for empowering me to take control of our finances and plan smart! *HUGS*”
Maruxa Murphy
Eureka Laboratory

“Christyna has some unique key insights on business operations and opportunities present in the market. She has very strong interpersonal skills and communicates easily and well with others.”
Diana Henley,
Naturalcare Cleaning Service

“ I think Christyna and the fabulous job she does of supporting her clients is top notch! She has been there at my side from the very beginning of my business and I can’t put into words how much she has helped me grow into being a CEO of my business and how that has rubbed off into all aspects of my life!

Thank you, Christyna!”
Jennifer Stelly,
BodyMind Mechanics