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New Year’s Greetings

May every new year find you a better person.

All the best to you and yours!

Power Boost!

I know, back in April, December seemed so far away. Anything was possible! You were busy and you just wanted the urgency to go away, so you could put first things first.

Now that far away future is here. Have you accomplished all you wnated to accomplish? Have you added up all your business-purpose miles from your calendar?

If not, please take a deep breath, and stop berating yourself. Beating yourself up because things aren’t as they “should be” is a waste of energy. It’s like aol or norton antivirus, always running in background draining your computing power. I trust that you learned this behavior honestly, as a strategy for motivation. Thing is, it doesn’t work. Your parents, your teachers, did the best they could, but you’ve out grown

AND it makes you smaller, your perspective narrows.

Practice, just a moment at a time, accepting what is.

Where did 2012 go?

2011 Taxes due Monday 10/15

or Where did 2012 go?

Tax Time Work-A-Long, aka Action w/o Blame
April was a blink ago, it seems. Have you totaled up all your mileage and filed your taxes? More importantly, have you accomplished all that you planned?
Me neither (website redesign is creeping along, not to mention the SquareOne home-study version). Here’s what to do:

  1. List out what is the situation. “just the facts” separate out your judgements and your stories
  2. Acknowledge that you would prefer things were different.
  3. Accept how things are as your current starting point. Be sure you include all your resources.
  4. List out steps forward towards your goals.
  5. Take Action, and more action (celebrating as you go).

If you haven’t completed your 2011 income tax return, you aren’t alone.

Join one of the small groups tackling this on Friday. Have it done! Have a good time doing it, too.

Client Review: We Heart Massage

“ I am proud and stubborn…and I needed help making sense of my good fortune. Christyna has helped me come to terms with the success that my business is/has been experiencing. With her guidance and support, I have embraced both the concept of a spreadsheet and a sense of financial structure. With her fantastic laugh and good nature, I was able to remove fear and make changes that open the door to further success. Having a financial system in place is going to allow me the freedom to return my energy where I feel it is best spent- massaging the fire out of everyone.”
We Heart Massage

Client Review- tweet it


Financial coaching with Christyna Lewis is one of the best investments I've ever made. Results: real exponential growth.

Meg Worden- writer, health coach, bad ass, and mother first joined me for SquareOne: Individual edition. We’ve continued our coaching relationship with regular calls each month (a program I’ve dubbed Hive Maintenance, just for graduates of one of the intensive coaching packages). I’ve been honored to witness her financial fears melting away, leaving her freed up to forward her big delectable life and heart projects.


Client Review: Hey Shenee!

Shenee recently completed my entry-level coaching package, SquareOne. Here’s what Shenee Howard had to say about BEE Ventures financial coaching with Christyna Lewis:

Shenee is the genius behind Hot Brand Action. It was such a privilege to help her get comfortable with a weekly date with her finances. Every session Shenee found tweaks she could make *immediately* to take stress out of her day, freeing up more space for her to create her newest offering, enjoy long walks with her sweet puppy dog, and enjoy all the local flavors her new hometown has to offer.