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On the first Friday of each month, I throw open the ‘doors’ to the BEE Ventures office, so we can do our Financial Friday activities together.

What is Financial Friday?

A regular date for you to look at your financial landscape, and handle any bills, invoices, or other to-dos.  If you take 20 minutes to an hour each week to handle these details, you will hardly ever fall behind, and you will actually have more time to do the things you really want to do.

Why Financial Friday?

One of the cornerstones of my Taking Care of Business philosophy is to know ‘what is so’. There is real power in knowing where you stand at any given moment (much easier to get where you want to go, when your “You are HERE” dot is in the right place).

I know that finances can be scary. You may be so sure that your financial landscape is so awful/ugly/hopeless, that you would rather not know- better to put your energy into areas you succeed in. I get it, and you are welcome to continue with the worry cloud following you around, if you prefer to. If you’ve made it here, I assume you are an adventurous creative person, who has a vision your Being craves to fulfill. A simple structured approach to your finances will support you to actualize your vision! I promise. I have seen it time and again.

The best part is that you don’t have to do it alone! BEE Ventures was created to support idealists, healers, and other creatives who are tired of being worried about their finances.  You DON’T have to think like an accountant or a bookkeeper to succeed with your project!

See you Friday?

I would love to see you next Friday, November 4th. This month we’ll be going through the steps of your weekly date with your cash flow.  It’s free.  It’s on Twitter, #FinancialFriday.  I invite you to come play, learn, and celebrate your progress!

In service,