Lessons of a mushroom

I really like mushrooms, alright fungi of all kinds.

When I see one in the lawn, or in the woods, I am a ten-year old ‘scientist’ again, eager to observe nature.

Yesterday I noticed the mushrooms in my front yard (working away at decomposing the roots of an old tree stump). These mushrooms were all weak- shriveled, maybe dying. “Oh OK, that’s where they are in their lifecycle, I guess”, I remember thinking.

Funny thing is, this morning I went out front early and these same mushrooms were plump and vibrant, very much alive. Huh?

Then it hit me (and this is where it gets relevant to your finances and your life). Those mushrooms weren’t sickly, or done, they were simply responding to the reality of their environment. It’s already HOT here in the afternoons. Those mushrooms were shriveled, because they were minimizing their exposure to the heat. When it cools off, they plump right back up and get productive.

If you are able to really be grounded in your financial landscape, you are able to respond to your environment in a way that saves your resources, and lets you concentrate on what matters most to you, instead of just what looks good. Most of the judgements you have about your money situation or your decisions around money are arbitrary AND unrelated to what really matters to you.

Let’s all take a cue from the little mushrooms and work with our environment to live our purpose.

Breathing and choices

Hello Lovelies,

It’s Sunday morning as I write this, the sun is shining and a cold front has allowed me to turn the air conditioner off for a couple days. Also, I have a cold, a plug up my sinuses and my lungs cold.  It’s fine, and totally annoying. I am paying a lot of attention to just breathing, and to my energy levels.

How does this relate to peace and ease in your finances?

It’s all resource management. It’s all mindfulness.  When I have less energy, I cannot power through a big To Do list. I get to pick and chose actions according to my principles, my priorities, and the expected results of those actions. In truth, we always get to choose, but having a limited supply (temporarily) pushes me to mindfulness.

On Friday, I would say I was about 50% productive, compared to a healthy normal day. I reserved my energy for 1) a 40-min Focus with an established client 2) being present, as required, for my bookkeeper to package up 2011, putting 2010 in the long term storage (ie box in the garage) 3) cleaning, cooking, and resting as necessary for my healing.

I temporary cut down to just the essentials, which was beautiful, because it reminded me of what I find essential! I value 1) contributing to and empowering people 2) following systems/processes that support clarity and success, and 3) well-being- physcial, mental, and spiritual.

You do this, too and you can take this same thought process to your spending and earning choices. What are your core principles? What activity would be the last on standing, if you had to cut back temporarily due to illness?

Leave a comment below, or write me privately.

Shifting perspective

I’ve been doing that lately. Getting hung up on writing this just so.  Worrying about how it sounds. Wondering if I am doing it right. 


Worry doesn’t work. For anything. Ever*

“Just the reframe from “Ugh – boring and painful!” to “Nurturing and self-caring” is powerful.”

That’s what one of the participants in SquareOne: Collective Courage wrote after our first call. She was referring to her finances, but I can use the same shifting my frame of reference technique that I shared on Thursday for my blogging. Of course my from state is more “difficult and vulerable” but you get my meaning.

Thank goodness for SquareOne, Foundations of Sustainable Profits, and other clients! I can get discouraged with the mechanics of running a business online sometimes, AND shepherding sweet visionaries, creatives, and healers through their growth in perspective and skills is a pure JOY. Those A-HA moments fill my “motivation bank” account.

The new program has been hopping.  In addition to the “”Just the reframe from “Ugh – boring and painful!” to “Nurturing and self-caring” is powerful.”" participants have said ”I absolutely loved the instruction “Commit to be peaceful.” and “Thanks for everything, Christyna! I really enjoy this series so far!”

I’m leaving the doors open for SquareOne: Collective Courage until April 11th.  You are cordially invited to join us and take your next steps towards ease and peace in your financial life.

If you are reading this on the 12th or later, you have 2 options: 1) SquareOne: You & Me or 2) Join the mailing list to find out when SquareOne: Collective Courage will be offered again. **

In the meantime, I’ll be practicing “practice makes better” and blogging with more regularity again.
Talk with you soon!

*said a wise old owl whom I adore (size M, please). ;-)
**probably this summer, but you won’t know for sure, unless you get The Buzz.
***Thanks Dad for that little saying! It’s a worry crusher.


Lauren is an event planner and social media expert in Houston, TX with a regular job, her own business, and the sweetest dog I’ve met in ages!  Our sessions are focusing on reworking Lauren’s expense tracking habits, so that they easily support her new business’s needs as well. We started with a close look at what Lauren already has and does well in her financial life.

Just had my first session with Christyna and I’m in love! I have more confidence in areas I thought I was shaky on. I know what I need to do next. And I have confidence that over time, I’ll really get a serious handle on my finances!! So excited! Thank you, Christyna!


See what is available when you commit to compassionate financial coaching? Confidence and confirmation. Habits and hope. Fall in love with your life!


Meet me in Chicago?

It’s official-

I am taking on the biggest leadership development course of my life (so far). It’s a six month commitment to growth, integrity, and communications. I’m planning to bring everything I learn back to ‘the hive’ of BEE Ventures, so I can serve more of you, more deeply, and more easily.

Chicago's iconic bean in February

photo credit terren in Virgina on Flickr

One of the fun bits of the training is that I get to fly up to Chicago (and stay with my sister!) for weekend intensives. The first weekend is March 23-25th.

I am staying on Monday and Tuesday to visit, finally see “The Bean”, and see my Chi-town clients *in real life*.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting financial coaching, but want to know me better? Maybe you live in Chicago and prefer a face-to-face coaching experience?

Now’s your chance!

I would love a meet-up or coffee klatch in the vicinity of Logan Square (or near northside) on the 26th or get a group together for breakfast on the 27th.

EDIT: We will meet at Pillars Social Cafe  on the Monday evening (the 26th). Invite your friends via the Facebook event we’ve created {here}

Send me a note or leave a comment below & let’s see what we can create together!

Always Creative loves Financial Friday

Last year I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Blickenstaff of Always Creative. Always Creative is a team of seriously talented web designers, who rock their clients socks off and were ready to put some structures and habits in place to support their on-going success and growth.

I love Christyna’s “Financial Friday.” Setting aside time once a week for financial tasks has had a huge impact on my productivity throughout the week. Now instead of being interrupted by these things as they come up, I can confidently set them aside for Fridays. Things like cutting checks, sending invoices, making deposits, paying taxes, sending invoice reminders. She helped put a business mileage tracking process in place and also set up recurring invoices. She helped with business decisions, like our new bank, and finding a new financial advisor. With a better understanding of my finances, I can make more accurate financial business decisions. I’m able to spend that time and energy on creativity and design, instead of data input. I just feel better in my personal life knowing that my finances are in great shape every week. Christyna has given me financial confidence.”

Whether you are looking for a full transformation or just the strength of establishing your own Financial Friday rituals, I can help you find peace and ease in your financial life.