Current Clients

If we already have a relationship, if I already know your business

(through either individual or group coaching), I have a sweet offer for you.

Hive Maintenance:

Hive= place to store sweet goodness, your home base in your finanical landscape

Maintenance= care or upkeep, as of machinery or property

You’ll leave your monthly session refreshed, with simple actionable steps, and renewed in your commitment to be your most authentic, values & principles driven self, in your financial life and your whole life. 

         Deluxe $220

One monthly session(one hour) on the phone or in person.  Also complete (weekday) phone & texting support. Free entry into my workshops and occasional guest workshops. Celebrations that interrupt your same old week.This is the same level of support people in my $1000+ packages enjoy.

        Simple $75

Monthly session (one hour) on the phone or in person. We’ll begin where you are- look at your structures for success, your cash flow, your goals, then we move into this month’s particular pain points and growth opportunities.

Quarterly subscriptions are available upon request.

Single additional session $180

Individual Sessions