Money can be a tool that serves you.

You are sparkly. Creative. Optimistic. Self-aware. Open-hearted. Brave. Great with money.

What?  Did that last description trip you up?

You have a vision, a mission and the talent to see it through, whether you are an entrepreneur, a healer/bodyworker, an artist/activist with a day job, a corporate bigwig, or something less defined. But you feel frustrated, out of tune, puzzled, anxious, or disappointed with the financial part of your life.

Welcome to SquareOne, a four-session journey toward peace and ease with your finances beginning July 18th.

[NOTE: next group course is in 2013. One on one option has seats open monthly]

I understand that every person’s financial situation is much more than money in/money out. The tangles, worries, beliefs, and junk we associate with money come from our emotions and experiences. In SquareOne, we work together to create a nurturing space where you can deal with the financial side of life in a way that honors all of your other sides as well.


Choose the option that fits you best:

  •  You and Me : In four one-on-one private coaching sessions, we will take a snapshot of where you are now, explore your vision of where you want to go, and develop a plan to get you there. The plans we create will support your unique financial situation and emotional journey. Plus, you’ll be able to text or call me between sessions for personalized support and celebration.
  •  Collective Courage : These five small-group coaching sessions provide the same guidance, knowledge, and a-ha moments as You and Me in an intimate group setting and at a lower price. We begin the second week of July. Choose from an in-person gathering in downtown Houston (meeting times determined by the needs of the group) or one of two phone groups (choose either Wed mornings or Thursday evenings). This option does not include personalized text and phone support.

BONUS: Whichever format you choose, I offer you an additional individual consultation- a 20-minute completion call the week after the course ends. On our private call, you will solidify what you’ve learned, celebrate your financial shift, and share next steps. (Scroll down to the client reviews for a taste of what you may be looking forward to.)

I have crafted a well supported program, leading you step by step to your ease- including worksheets, checklists, session recordings, and a closed Facebook group for our celebrating, musing, problem solving, and to report progress.

What difference will greater ease in your finances make in your life?

SquareOne is ideal for people just beginning to look at their finances in a new way and for those looking for more financial proficiency. In either case, we’ll look at where you are now and choose how to move you forward, towards your goals. Take the first step toward harnessing your finances as a tool for living life according to your most valued principles and dreams!

E-mail info@beeventures.org for more information, or sign up today.


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Early Bird Special through June 29th

You and Me = $550

Collective Courage = $197 [reopening in 2013]

“Christyna’s expertise combined with keen intuition will bring your financial life into focus. Working with Christyna eliminates the fear and frustration of financials. How I manage my money has been completely transformed by working with her. And since what you pay attention to grows, the investment in her coaching service has my income and my savings account on a steady rise. Best investment EVER!” -Meg Worden, holistic health coach


When I first met Christyna, her positive attitude and soothing approach gave me the confidence I needed to make a move. She offered to “hold my hand” through the transition, assuring me we could get to a healthy place in a short amount of time. It’s like having a business partner when you need one.” – Aimee Woodall, Black Sheep Agency


“Working with Christyna is almost too fun to be considered work. It is financial ‘therapy’ from someone who puts things quickly in perspective. I have a much stronger sense of my bottom line, of how much is coming in and going out. I found that I had the funds available to create the positive changes I had been hoping to implement. Since beginning ‘therapy’ with BEE Ventures, I have found time to build a fence, start an herb garden, redo the bathroom AND buy a car.” – Angela DeSilva, We Heart Massage  


“When I started working with Christyna, my financial world had been completely turned inside out by a job change, a bankruptcy, and a pending divorce. I had stopped paying attention to my money altogether. I lived in constant dread of not having enough to make it through the month but couldn’t bring myself to balance my checkbook let alone create a plan or budget. Christyna brought compassion, insight, and actionable steps to our sessions. She helped me turn my internal conversation of lack into one of gratitude and wealth. Her expertise and support helped break down my resistance so that I could crawl back into financial awareness. After only four sessions, my checkbook is balanced, I have a budget in the works, my bills are paid in full and on time, and my savings account is growing again. I can’t recommend Christyna’s financial coaching enough. Her SquareOne program has already paid for itself in money saved and earned after following her advice.” – Anonymous

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Christyna, intuitive compassionate financial coach