Instead of focusing upon the ‘growth at all cost’ business model of today’s large corporations, BEE Ventures teaches entrepreneurs how to succeed responsibly, steadily and for the benefit of their communities and employees.

BEE Ventures clients get training in the native language of bankers and investors and in shifting their business perspectives. We hold our partners, community, and clients accountable to their own dreams and best efforts! Free of fear and vagueness, BEE Ventures clients gain grounded confidence to make wise, clear-sighted decisions about your business.

Committed to the environment, social justice, peace and human relations, today’s business creators have the resources to move us forward. BEE Ventures has found that the bigger, the more audacious the dream, the more difficulty people have staying grounded in the present. Seeing the gap between their vision and current state of affairs can be an opening for doubt. As a consequence dreamers often simply avoid looking at their financial statements. BEE Ventures helps entrepreneurs through their fear so they can claim an empowered, informed view of their current financial reality. I also create space for my clients to look at how they are delivering their value to stakeholders. Once cause-based businesses are able to look at their current processes, without fear or defensiveness, they make wise decisions and construct creative ways to easily grow their results. When all parts of the organization get in alignment with its mission and goals, work flows impactfully, easily, and often joyfully!